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We are Meaghan and Jeff, founder and Co-founder of Wellness à la Mode.

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On this website, our goal is to empower you with information, wellness & fitness tips to help you take charge of your health! You have likely been bombarded with plans saying “Our way is best!” “This works for everyone!”…… and while there are positive results with almost all of the methods, the reality is that there is NO one-size-fits-all when it comes to Wellness. We each have unique genetics, environments, and metabolic states. What may work wonders for one person could very well be detrimental to the health of another. Rather than making wellness a one-track chore of what to do and what not to do, we believe in making it fun and adding your own flavor to it! We decided to create Wellness à la Mode to help empower you. On this Site, you will see a variety of topics covered. We do not expect that each one will be applicable to you, personally…but rather that you understand the information, consider the personal implications it could have either for or against your body in particular, and scoop up what works for you!

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About Meaghan: My background in Science and as a Registered Nurse paved the way for my passion to help people to take charge of their health. Nursing has opened my eyes to the need for a better educational experience, beyond the hospital setting. With a desire for a more holistic approach to use my skills, I began working for a wellness company, performing screenings and providing education to the general public and corporate clients. I LOVED working on the more preventative, educational track of Wellness! I pursued more education, including several certifications (Health Coach, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Group Exercise Instructor, Mind-Body Specialist, and more). This knowledge, coupled with my own personal story of Health and how my journey has evolved, is the basis for my Wellness philosophy. I am fully empathetic to the fact that healthy looks different on everyone, and on top of that, we each have unique goals. Untitled design (10).png

About JeffWhile the majority of my career has been in Business, I have always enjoyed learning and applying Health and Wellness. From personal experience and observation of others, I have seen firsthand how lifestyle factors, such as work-related stress and busy schedules, can lead to fatigue, emotional eating, and more. After getting slightly off track on my own journey, I decided to begin the pursuit of more education to help myself and those who are struggling with finding balance. 

We wish you a fun, uplifting, and life-changing experience!

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Meaghan xoxo Jeff 

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