how to find quality supplements

Food is medicine. There's no doubt about it. Our bodies respond best when we consume our nutrients from quality food sources. However, for various reasons, many of us (myself included) use¬†certain supplements. While there is much research on how supplementation can be beneficial, there is also a laundry list of reasons that they can be … Continue reading how to find quality supplements

almond butter,bananas,pancakes,oh my!

Sometimes you just want a good, fun pancake to start off the day...actually, breakfast food can be yummy for dinner too....Either way, this is one of our go-to pancakes for days we don't feel like making the batter from scratch. For almost a year now, we have been experimenting with different flours and how they … Continue reading almond butter,bananas,pancakes,oh my!

how to find a local pick-your-own farm

It's almost officially the first day of Summe Summe Summertime! That means many berries are in season!!! Yay! Last weekend, Jeff and I picked FOUR POUNDS of blueberries (see phone video below for visual)! Wow.....They taste SO good. We found a local farm that allows the public to harvest every few months. There was live … Continue reading how to find a local pick-your-own farm

food label: what is “natural”?

Years ago, during my first year of college, I sat in a Nutrition course completely dumbfounded by something the instructor had just explained. "The word natural is not currently defined by the FDA". Whoa! What? Can I get a repeat? Prior to this encounter, I imagined a food labeling world in which companies stood behind … Continue reading food label: what is “natural”?