holistic sinus and allergy remedies

This time of year brings such beauty in nature as blooms spring up to say hello. Yet, for many, allergies become a nagging issue and make the Spring less than enjoyable. I grew up in a valley area of Tennessee that seemed like a huge bowl for pollen collection

4 budget-friendly skincare hacks

Confession. I used to visit the tanning bed regularly. It’s SO awful to think about now. I look back on pictures and wonder why I ever thought it was a great idea?! Thankfully, I have outgrown that bad habit, and I have learned the importance of taking care of my skin (including using sunscreen!). After … Continue reading 4 budget-friendly skincare hacks

4 safety checks diabetics considering an exercise plan

Diabetes should not prevent you from reaching your health goals. In fact, many diabetics are amazingly fit, like the Type 1 diabetic triathlon athlete in this  study. .....but you may have to put a little love into planning for your exercise sessions in order to perform safely! Here are a few considerations when planning your … Continue reading 4 safety checks diabetics considering an exercise plan

frozen, canned, or raw vegetables: does it matter?

Red. Yellow. Orange. Green. No, I'm not talking about colors in a rainbow....This post is all about one of the food groups that puts pretty colors on your plate...vegetables! I know...I can HEAR the excitement and thrill through the screen. If we are honest with ourselves, many of us would say that we simply don't … Continue reading frozen, canned, or raw vegetables: does it matter?

what’s the fuss over fiber?

Today we are going to have a great chat about SUCH A FUN TOPIC....okay...maybe I exaggerated A LITTLE! While there's not much glamour in a topic such as fiber, it IS important for your health! There are two types of fiber, soluble and insolube (soluble dissolves in water). When we eat fiber, it passes through … Continue reading what’s the fuss over fiber?