Welcome to the Wellness a La Mode Site! My name is Meaghan, and I am the founder of Wellness a La Mode. I decided to create this site based on experiences I have had while working in healthcare. A pattern in patients and clients I had worked with came to my attention. During the education process, many voiced that they had essentially given up on the idea of exercising and trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. Several of them had hardly any emotional support, felt too intimidated to go to a gym, and were all around confused about what they should/should not do. I recognized all of this to be a huge problem. In the past, I myself, have gone through periods where work/life/etc has crept in and at times I have not been as heathy as I strive to be. However, I have been fortunate enough to surround myself with motivating people (who know I feel better when I am healthier), and I have always gotten back on the journey. What I have identified as one of the hard parts with maintaining motivation, for many people, is that we have become bombarded with all kinds of information about what it means to be healthy. There is massive confusion due to diet books, workout styles, and more. The more I recognized this, the more I realized that I wanted to help, in my own way, to become part of the solution. Although I have two science degrees (one being a BSN in Nursing), I knew I needed more education and experience to be as effective as I wanted to be. I began working as a Wellness nurse, and I loved it. I also obtained certifications that I knew would help me to become more well-rounded. A few of those certifications are as follows: Health Coach Certification for Healthcare Providers, MindBody Certification, Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification, and Group Fitness Instructor Certification. I continue to educate myself and obtain certifications as much as I can in order to become even better for those I serve. My overal health philosophy is that I firmly believe YOU should have a say in defining what healthy looks like on you. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Wellness. We are all different in how our bodies respond to various lifestyle decisions, and what works well for one person may have an opposite effect on another. We have different DNA, after all! Here at Wellness a la Mode, my goal is to provide you with health and fitness information to empower you with options and opinions (based on my own experiences, along with those I interview). Take scoops of whatever you find beneficial..whatever makes you FEEL good. Remember, health is not about being a certain size or weight (this has messed with me in the past too, don’t feel like you’re the only one!). While physical changes can be a side effect of fitness and health, there is SO much more to it! Energy levels, sleep patterns, emotional wellness, and more are incredibly important! My hope is that you will feel better equipped to build your own version of healthy with information on this Site. Take a scoop of what works for you!

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