almond butter,bananas,pancakes,oh my!

Sometimes you just want a good, fun pancake to start off the day…actually, breakfast food can be yummy for dinner too….Either way, this is one of our go-to pancakes for days we don’t feel like making the batter from scratch.

For almost a year now, we have been experimenting with different flours and how they affect our bodies. Although we do eat regular flour at times (I mean, hello, we are surrounded by delicious baked goods and cooking in the South!), we have come to the conclusion that we have more energy when we choose more nutrient-dense flours. From almond flour to ancient grains, we have tried it all. There is one pancake mix, Hodgson Mill’s Old Fashioned Buckwheat Pancake Mix, that we love. (*This post is not an ad for them….and although Buckwheat is actually naturally gluten-free, this flour mix is not because it does contain some wheat flour. Hodgson Mills does have other mixes that are fully GF).

Untitled design (24).pngThe steps, as with any boxed mix, are pretty simple. *We typically substitute our version of the pancakes with cashew milk and olive oil.

Then, based on a 6-8 pancake count, we add a half a teaspoon of vanilla extract and a tabespoon of raw cacao powder (this is chocolate deliciousness, but in the batter, it’s not overwhelmingly chocolate-y….at least not to us!)

Once the cakes are done, we coat them with a dab of almond butter, shredded organic coconut, bananas, and strawberries. Then we top with delicious maple syrup!

Untitled design (26).png

I hope you enjoy!

With Love,

Meaghan xoxo

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