how to find a local pick-your-own farm

It’s almost officially the first day of Summe Summe Summertime!

That means many berries are in season!!! Yay!

Last weekend, Jeff and I picked FOUR POUNDS of blueberries (see phone video below for visual)! Wow…..They taste SO good.

We found a local farm that allows the public to harvest every few months. There was live music, arts and crafts, and sunshine! Families enjoyed making memories, many of which were adorable first-time picking photos of their kids.

Fresh-picked fruit is delicious, and it carries more nutrients than in store produce does (shipped-to-store produce can lose some nutrients throughout the time it takes for transportation). Plus, picking your own produce is FUN!

jeff blueberries

Our first meal we made from our haul was buckwheat pancakes. We make berry pancakes ALL THE TIME, but these were the best we’ve had…it’s all about the freshness and being in season! Yummmmy.

Untitled design (16).png

Whether you’re looking for some of the most nutrient-dense produce available in your area, or you just want a day outdoors with the family, a free website can help you find the closest farms where you can pick your produce. will allow you to search by state to learn about farms near you. I highly recommend this as a fun day out, especially if your local farm throws harvest parties with fun music, like ours did!

Enjoy your pickings!

With Love,

Meaghan xoxo



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